Benefits of Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important tool for observing, monitoring and tracking the effectiveness of your online campaigns. It allows you to attain the best results in your marketing attempts. Google analytics can be handy especially for local business owners in Vietnam as it provides data on the sum of visitors to your website including information connected to page views. This means that it enables you to measure the online traffic to your site and aids in decision making for future advancements in your advertising strategies. Google analytics is the best choice for any marketer because it is absolutely free and works well for small businesses which have a small web development and marketing budget.

Benefits of Using Google Analytics as a Local Business Owner

Google Analytics lets you analyze the sources of traffic.

It can show you exactly how visitors are being driven to your site. For instance, some people either find your website through links that are provided by other sites, or through search engines, or from paid advertisements etc. This will allow you to evaluate how favorable some forms of traffic sources are.

Google Analytics allows you to monitor the output of your social engagements.

It has a feature known as Social analytics. As a business owner, your social media strategy should include Google Plus, LinkedIn and Facebook just to mention a few. Monitoring all of these social media platforms can be quite difficult. Luckily, the Social Analytics lets you monitor and trace the achievement and performance of each platform all in the same dashboard. It also lets you keep track of the return on investment (ROI) from you social media strategies. This provides an analysis on the influence of your social engagement to your business. Additionally, it enables you to identify the monetary value of conversions from each social media platform. This shows which social platform is more valuable and which one is not.

Google Analytics provides you with information about visitors.

It gives forth an outstanding breakdown of information concerning the visitors coming to your site. You will be able to view the most prominent countries and cities that access your website on a regular basis. This helps you figure out if any local marketing strategies are generating the desired outcome.

Google Analytics enables you to analyze the influence of mobile browsing to your site.

Today, many people are using their mobile phones to surf the internet. This is why business owners are encouraged to start creating mobile friendly sites that provide the user with the option to change a webpage view into mobile view. With the latest mobile feature, you are able to monitor the impact of mobile users to your business. It measures the performance of mobile applications including downloads etc. This means that if more than half of your traffic comes from mobile users then you may properly format all content that makes mobile browsing easier.

Google Analytics shows you the website bounce rates.

Bounce rates is the number of users that only view a page of your site before leaving immediately. If you have a higher bounce rate then that means your website content is not what the user wanted or maybe they landed on you page by accident. This may mean that some keywords used may be misleading. The bounce rate is normally identified with the quality of content available on your website. It helps you know which pages are making users to stay on your site.


Some business owners may not find Google Analytics beneficial or practicable to use. They opt for alternatives such as Piwik, Mixpanel, Clicky, Gauges, and Adobe Analytics. Nonetheless, the data obtained from Google Analytics is very accurate, detailed and precise. It is much more reliable specifically when it comes to focusing on drawing traffic that converts


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