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Whether you’re building a website from scratch, trying to update an existing one, or putting together a Facebook or LinkedIn page, all of your efforts are likely to be for naught if your first concern is not SEO.

Search Engine Optimization and social media management. Not really all that complicated. But if you haven’t the key concepts, you’re wasting your time and money. A website or social media page is really not worth much without traffic, and traffic only comes when your site shows up in the first two pages of Google, Bing, and maybe Yahoo. Traffic shows up when prospects type in the same keywords that you have embedded throughout the content of your website. Sounds pretty simple, huh?

Well, not quite. Unfortunately, one man’s key words are another woman’s fluff. Just because you think people will be searching a particular key word to find what you have to offer doesn’t mean that particular word is what they’re likely to type in.

In order to know what your likely customers are thinking, you’ve first have to conduct a key word analysis. Otherwise, you’re likely to be missing what otherwise might be the majority of your conversions. And the process only begins here. Then you’ve got to write copy that contains just the right number of key words without “keying” your readers in on what you’re doing.

All this sound beyond your field of expertise? Well, perhaps it might be. And that’s why firms exist to do this heavy lifting for you. Dedicated SEO firms are well-versed in what key words need to be in both your social media pages, your website copy and your metatags. For websites, metatags first direct search engine robots, or “bots”, to find you as they crawl through the web. When they do find you, they go digging through your pages to find out how relevant your content is to any particular keyword. For social media management, the concepts are similar.

But the task of managing all this can be daunting, and if just running your business takes all your time, you really need to consider handing SEO to an expert. For most, getting a good ROI on your SEO is not difficult. Depending on what your site or social media page is offering, you may very easily recoup your investment on your first sale.

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