9 On Page SEO Mistakes That Kill Rankings

Irish Companies Fall Victim To These On Page Issues

Irish companies often fall victim to several onpage SEO mistakes amd there is a common misconception that a web design company knows the ins and outs of search engine optimisation. Whilst I've come across many talented web designers that can produce beautiful original sites these sites end up as little more than expensive digital business cards.

A well designed site from an asthetic point of view is great but it doesn't pay the bills and will often fail to produce the visitors that the business owner needs from his or her investment. Below are the most common problems I come across.

Not Using Analytics To Understand Your Visitor

Without implementing analytics for your site you are unable to create a benchmark of visitors. You can't see where your potiental clients are coming from and without this basic data you can adjust your site, business and offers to meet the needs of your customers.

If you are paying an SEO company a monthly retainer for results, then without analytics, you can't judge the ROI of your investment and to be honest the Irish SEO company you are paying either don't know what they are doing or they are not being honest.

Not Focusing On The Right Keywords

Keywords can be divided into various groups but for the small business owner, the focus should be on search terms that convert a visitor into a buyer. Whilst it's great ranking number 1 for low traffic keywords as these do sometimes convert well, the focus should be on search terms with high traffic that provide a good ROI.

I should also point out that any expert Irish SEO ought to provide keyword data and analysis on the target keywords at the outset of beginning a campaign.

Not Having Unique Images, Meta Descriptions & Title Tags

This is a really common mistake made by web designers that aren't aware of the basics of on page SEO. Google is now at the point where it can deduce the source of an image and reusing images is just lazy work. Images need focused alt-tags and filenames. The extra mile is geo-tagging images which is rarely done.

Unique meta descriptions can be a pain to write, of that there is no doubt. But it is just another necessary step in the process of optimisation. 

The last problem I see all to often is the lack of proper Title tags and H1s this can be due to design reasons I assume but is a fatal issue as these are some of the most important ranking factors


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