The goal of off-page seo is to increase your company's exposure via links, brand mentions and citations. The main aim of content creation is to create engaging and shareable content, with that done, off page is easy.

At our Dublin based seo services company, we use a variety of tactics to promote your content around the web to get eyes on your site. These include press releases, white hat link building through guest posting and blogger outreach and web 2 feeder sites and many more.

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition
Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition

Promotion of your Dublin business across the web is essential to generating sales. The greater your promotion on different platforms, the more popular Google will consider your site. 

The fact is that despite all Google’s new algorithms, it still uses backlinks as a signal of site popularity. So the more high quality links you have the better you’ll rank and the more new business you’ll get.

So to take a quick look at some of the types of links we like to build for our customers…

Whitehat Link Building

This is the general term given to any link building that doesn’t rely on paid placement and is considered by most to be a safer way of doing SEO. This can be a done in a variety of ways. But essentially it comes down to asking for a link and if your content is worthy, maybe you get it.

Influencer Outreach

Reaching out to key influencers in your business niche is a great short cut to promoting your product or service. By building a relationship with these people with large audiences, we can build trust and reach a large number of people in your target market.

Local Citations

Local citations are not just for local businesses. This type of link can be essential for ranking in some markets. They show geo-graphic relevance and can provide some traffic.

Guest Posts

Guest posting is the process of reaching out to blogs that publish content in your sector and seeing if you can write a post on their site. This content needs to be high quality and there can be some blocks in the negotiation process but these are great links that provide thematic relevance.

Web 2 Feeder Sites

By no means sexy, the web 2 properties like and are great ways build the strength of your domain. 


This is the simple process of getting your brand name mentioned in the same place as the big brands. So if you were looking to launch a new soft drink, you would want your new product mentioned alongside drinks like Coke, or 7-up. 

These are just some of the types of off page search engine optimisation that we look after for our clients. 

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition