5 Good Places to Learn SEO for Free

For small or mid-sized businesses, it can be an expensive and a tricky terrain to navigate when it comes to hiring a professional search engine optimization (SEO) consultant. Dealing with SEO consultants can be a challenging issue. What questions do you ask? What if they fail to achieve expected results? What will you do if their strategies fail to yield any results?

It is for this reason that business owners in Da Nang go for Do-It-Yourself SEO option, although it can be tricky and time consuming as well. However, business owners can learn to do the basics by themselves. With the right resources and tools, it is an exciting experience to learn the basics. Then you can apply these basics and perfect your way to being an expert

Here are five good places to learn SEO for free


This website (previously SEOMoz) is for both SEO newbies and veterans. The community at this academy has an open spirit and consistently publishes thorough educational content to help any member who wishes to learn through the basics of SEO and experts who want to increase their knowledge. They often free SEM guides for most SEO beginners in their blog although to get advanced SEO knowledge you may need a PRO membership.


Aaron posts hundreds of articles in his blog on how to use various SEO tools, training videos, downloadable strategies and other practical tips to help market your website. He shares transcendental information that will help link SEO to aspects of the business online world, capture search engine ranks, and increase conversion rates. There are exclusive community forums where you will learn how to increase traffic to your website and thus increase your business profits.


This is one of the best resources for actionable SEO and content marketing tips. Backlinko is top notch when it comes to link building. With their free ebook, learners will know how to get 25,000 unique visitors per month to their site.

Webmaster World

Most SEO bloggers will mostly write too much theory while giving too little concrete examples. As a result, it is hard to know whether some things will work for you. Webmaster is one of the oldest and most trusted SEO forums. The webmasters here share their thoughts in an environment where one can participate in open discussions. These discussions contain specific issues and a variety of opinions. As a result, learners will benefit from these discussion threads.


Search engine land can be described as one of the most recognized name in SEO. This is perhaps one of best sites with the latest development in search with extraordinary contact with search engines. They also have a huge network of experienced SEO professionals. This ensures constant flow of relevant and well-written information from the best SEO professionals in the business.

Learning SEO is limited to your ambitions and the quality of information you get. The best way to learn the basics of SEO or to become an expert is through hands-on experience and practically doing what you learn. There are a lot of people out there offering the best education on SEO. Saying you do not have time when materials are at your exposure is no excuse. Get up and learn something.

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