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Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition
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Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition

I recently contacted Danang Digital about building us a landing page and managing an Adwords campaign. And they said he would take a look at our site for search engine optimization too. After 3 months , there is a significant increase in hits to our website, we are number 1 for some of our “keywords”.

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These folks are patient. Unlike other some other digital marketers that I contacted, I was told clearly what I needed. And most importantly for me, what I should pay for and what I could do myself. I am very pleased with the advice and can’t recommend Danang Digital highly enough.

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I just signed up with Danang Digital a couple of weeks ago and things are going well. They were recommended by a friend and when I got their report, I understood why. They showed me that my area was competitive and they listed the changes I would have to make to see results. I look forward to working with them again.

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SEO Services Dublin

Choosing the correct Dublin SEO  services company to work with can be a daunting challenge due to the significance of the decision. At the end of the day, your business and future sales may rely on a good online SEO strategy and time is against you as you try to increase your online exposure. For every day that passes your competitors are taking your potential customers and you are loosing out.

Here are some tips to make that decision easier. They will help you find a professional responsible web optimisation expert that suits your business and service.

1. The Size of Your Business

Be careful when picking an Irish SEO services company that they have a full range of different packages and prices for a range of business sizes. Search Engine optimization strategies vary depending on the business, the target market, the area of business and the company size. Danang Digital knows that your business is unique and we will tailor our approach depending on your requirements. We know that there is no cookie-cutter strategy that works across all niches. We know that that to stand out in your sector you will need more than what your competitors are practising.

2. Specific Keyword Optimization

Understanding your keywords and which search engine results pages provide users that convert to paying customers is essential for your business. At Danang Digital our Dublin based SEO consultants will review your content and optimise your site for your keywords. We will also provide a detailed report on further keywords to optimise for.

3. 100% Committed Customer Service

When you begin to work with an web optimisation services company, you need to be confident that they are available when you have a question or need an update. A good Dublin based digital marketing company will be be monitoring your traffic and conversions and will offer updates and advice before you ask. Depending on your needs, Danang Digital can help you integrate call tracking technology and customer outreach into your business. By monitoring and tracking your sales we can provide detailed information about your company’s sales efficiency and point out problems with your sales process.

4. Time is of The Essence

Time is most definitely against you when dealing with search engine optimisation work. All your competitors are working tirelessly to beat you to page 1. Your Irish marketing company must understand that your time is better spent focusing your core business. At Danang Digital, we understand that you can’t do everything. You need to spend your time where it will have most impact. We work tirelessly to deliver results so that you can increase your revenue.

5. Reasonable Rates for Quality Service

A digital marketing agency must work very hard to create a winning seo campaign or strategy for clients, build links and uncover the high ranking keywords that convert traffic to paying customers. Whilst this specialised work doesn’t come cheap, you should avoid any companies offering a too-good-to-be-true rate. Professional SEO experts in Dublin will offer their services at reasonable cost and will have reports to document their work.

6. Know the End and Then Work Backwards

As a business owner you must know your online marketing goals and have a reasonable time frame to achieve these targets. More businesses are turning to Danang Digital to help fulfil these goals. We will first audit your website and online presence, provide you with a report and begin the process of optimisation for your keywords and start a off page optimization campaign to drive traffic to your site. This boost to your online exposure will result in increased targeted leads and interest in your product or service, which will raise your revenue and increase your customer base.

This advice should get you started toward choosing an online marketing partner and local seo company that suits your company’s needs. We think it also gives you a clear idea what you will need to do to start moving your website toward the top of the search engines results for your keywords in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition