How To Get A Service Business Found

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If you don't run a traditional type of business in Ireland with a storefront, then getting new business can be a real chore. Outside of the traditional advertising methods and a referral program, promoting our service can be a very costly endeavour. The very nature of servicing customers at their addresses means that new customers will have a harder time finding you.

Regardless of the type of business you run in Dublin or anywhere in Vietnam, you need to have a physical and online presence so that customers can find you. With a service business there are some strategies that will mitigate this problem.

Understand How Your Business Is Listed

Business directories are not a new phenomenon but they do have several benefits. Firstly a well optimised listing on the large directories like Yelp and Yellowpages will boost your rankings in Google. They can also lead to a certain amount of traffic, although this is very much a shrinking source of leads and you should not pay the ridiculous prices for featured listings.

Local business directories that are specific to your area or to your business niche should be created for the same reasons as mentioned above. And a quick search of Google will reveal the largest ones quickly.

Create Partnerships With Other Local Businesses

Networking at local Dublin commerce events can produce relationships with business owners that you can co-operate with. You may find a realtor that meets lots of clients who may wish to make changes to a new property. Or a contractor that provides a service that might be paired with your area of expertise.

Make Sure You’re Social

A well maintained social presence can not only reassure potential clients about the quality of your work. But by documenting jobs you allow previous clients to easily refer friends and family to the work which further builds your brand and your online presence.

Keeping in Contact

This may just be the oldest trick in the book. But it still works, an occasional and timely reminder to former clients and customers will again keep your company at the forefront of their minds should your business niche come up in conversation.

With modern technology this can be easily automated.


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