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When a website is punished by Google with a penalty, it is not always clear what the problem is. We help identify and fix problems so that you are back on top.

With our methodical process, we can rescue a site with even the most toxic links.

We have a full money back guarantee that within 30 days you will see a return of your rankings. If at this point, you are not happy with the results, we issue you a complete refund.

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Irish Local SEO You Can Trust

Are you part of a small business? Do you work for a business that's medium-sized? Wonderful. Businesses need to focus on high-quality digital marketing regardless of the size of their business.

If you're serious about helping your company do well in the competitive business world, then you need to understand digital marketing in the modern era. Search Engine Optimisationhas become critical for businesses of all sizes that want to generate more sales and get their enterprise noticed. Regardless of the field or industry, or the target market, success in online is essential.

Local businesses have begun to rely on sales generated from online searches with Google reporting that almost a third of all searches are local.

A local search is one with a location modifier such as a town, or place name and usually indicates to Google that someone is search for a local product or service. Another increasingly common search is one where someone will ask Google a direct quesition using modifiers like "near me" or "where". 

In these instances Google will try to pull up a relevant business or service from it's database, filtering for geographic location, reviews, and other ranking signals. At Danang Digital, we optimise your listing and keep it fresh so that it's always at the tip of Google's tongue.

We're a trusted local Irish SEO firm that's headquartered in Dublin. We work with all kinds of businesses in the area. If you're looking to spread the word about your small Dublin enterprise, you can count on our us.

  • 1 out every 5 searches are related to location.
  • Out of 2 billion searches, 400 million are for local
  • 90 percent of people looking for a local service or somewhere to eat, research their choice online first. 
  • Google has 80 percent market share.

Leading a business of any kind is never easy. We're available to make the marketing part a lot more efficient and effective. Reach out to our Dublin based firm as soon as possible to learn more about our options. We can assist you with Google maps, basic search engines and more.

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