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What Is Anchor Text Ratio
One of the most crucial SEO tasks is anchor text research. It's often overlooked, ignored or banished under the stairs. But it  shouldn't be!

It makes ranking quicker, easier and that means a better ROI for you.

In this post, I quickly run through what it's all about and give a quick and dirty guide on how to do it yourself.
Futureproof Backlinks
Don't be fooled by Google's propaganda. Backlinks are still the number one ranking factor.

A wide range of backlinks are needed for page 1 rankings. And if you want to do it yourself then you can. It takes time and a little patience

Here is a guide for those who don't know your SAPE links from your PBN links
Automate Your Social Media Management
Build backlinks on autopilot and syndicate your content to all your social media properties.

Find out how to build a steady stream of links to your site with almost zero effort.
How You Can Win With Google Adwords
You competition are on Google Adwords. Search for them, they are there and they are making money too.

Are you?

Find out how to send cheaper, targeted to leads to your business too. The right way.

Don't flush your budget down the toilet.