When a website is punished by Google with a penalty, it is not always clear what the problem is. We help identify and fix problems so that you are back on top.

With our methodical process, we can rescue a site with even the most toxic links.

We have a full money back guarantee that within 30 days you will see a return of your rankings. If at this point, you are not happy with the results, we issue you a complete refund.

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition
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Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition

One of the first steps, after checking Webmaster Tools, is to deep dive into the inbound links pointing at your site. 

These are usually created by an off page SEO campaign. An on-page SEO check should also be done These links should be natural and be from real sites that are linking for honest reasons.

Link analysis from Google Webmaster Tools link reports

The first place to look to see if your site has been penalized is in Webmasters Tools. Check the ‘notifications’ tab and see if your site has been marked as having an unnatural link penalty or a spam penalty. 

Link analysis utilizing our proprietary tools

Depending on the type of penalty that you have, you then need to look at each of the links individually and disavow the toxic links. This can be a very slow process when you are not using some of the cutting edge tools on the market.

Once the bad links have been identified and listed, you may want to look begin an analysis of the remaining anchor texts that are linking to your site and compare it to the competition.

Anchor text analysis

This is a really arduous process that requires using multiple datasources to get the truest picture of what the competition is doing and then making sure that your own anchor text profile is similar.

On-page Google Guidelines violations testing

Google’s quality guidelines are varied but generally include things like auto generated pages or doorway pages, hiding text or using redirects. 

Detailed plagiarism check

We also provide a through check of the content used on your site, checking for copied text from around the web.

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition